My Space – My Life: A participatory art project

My Space – My Life: A participatory art project

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Lockdown has had an impact on the mental well-being of people, from feelings of fear or stress to a decrease in social contact. But it has also allowed some of us to explore ourselves and the spaces we live our lives in, reimagining the value of art and creativity.

‘My Space, My Life’ is a participatory art project, which will support a group of young people (18-26 y/o) to explore the topic of isolation and lockdown.They will be able to connect to each other, and link their personal experiences to a wider dimension of social inequality in living conditions, through discussions with impacted social groups (ie. homeless people, refugees, squatters), experts and through participation of members of these social groups in the process.

They will be introduced with a variety of different artistic means and the ways they can use them to represent the found stories and atmosphere, or even a progressive vision for the future. The arsenal will include a workshop on spatial exploration, on video and photo documentation, as well as storytelling and dance. We will work towards a final collaborative outcome, to be exhibited in Bozar from May.

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? Who are you?
You are between the ages of 18 en 26 y/o, and have an interest in creative expression. You have a critical and open mindset towards issues of social (in)equality, and are willing to explore these topics deeply with a group of other people.

? What will you get?
▪️ Creative workshops to explore several art forms and how they can be used for self-expression and expression of social inequality. (spatial exploration, video and photo documentation, storytelling, and dance)
▪️ Discussions with social organisations and experts to link personal experiences to a wider social dimension.
▪️ The possibility to express yourself freely in a creative way and connect to other people while doing so.
▪️ You will be able to decide on your preferred art form to keep working with, and together with the whole group we will combine these art forms in a final collaborative outcome, to be exhibited in Bozar.

? When will this happen?
Throughout February and March we will have regular meetings, creative workshops and social discussions to fully immerse ourselves in this project. From April onwards, you will get the freedom and guidance to create your collaborative final result for Bozar.

? Where will this happen?
We will work together mostly through digital means, with a physical get-together at the end of March at Bozar in Brussels (if possible with regulations). As this project will happen mostly digital, you will need a computer with internet access. If you want to join, but don’t have access to this, please get in touch with us!

? Want to join?

Follow this link ( and tell us who you are!Keep in mind: Application deadline is the 24th of january!

Special thanks to the creative coaches who make this project possible:
▪️ Territoire des chats – Fleur with a workshop on storytelling
▪️ Fani – with a workshop on video en photo documentation
▪️ Rosie with a workshop on spatial exploration
▪️ Auke with a workshop on dance
▪️ Desi as overall creative coach

❓ Further questions can be directed to

This project is a collaboration between Bozar, Hujo, OURB and Territoire des Chats

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