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Since 2014 Hujo has been organising Sesam Open IT in Mechelen. This format provides children with a unique and accessible way familiarise themselves with the basics of programming. At the heart of Hujo, humanistic values have a pivotal role. We contribute to a warm and democratic world in which solidarity takes a centre stage. Therefore, we want to give the most vulnerable individuals in our society a taste of the world of technology and science at a young age. Sesam Open IT aims to stimulate the interest in science and technology and to help youngsters make an informed choice with regard to their study programme. Hujo aims to expand Sesam Open IT. Therefore, we wish to establish public and private partnerships to give us a helping hand. 

A need for infrastructure and IT skills

The combination of skills required to bring this project to a succesful close, is difficult to come by. On the one hand, a lot of people involved in youth work are experienced in working with and attending to children and teenagers. Moreover, a network is available to reach out to disadvantaged groups in society. On the other hand, there is a clear lack of know-how with regard to IT and programming in organisations involved in youth work. Therefore the proposed initiative will have the challenging task of integrating these different skills sets to offer activities to youngsters. Furthermore, Sesam Open IT faces more challenges, e.g. finding suitable locations and raising the necessary budget to finance the material. Many hands make light work, and broader shoulders can share a lot. Our ideal partner strives to make a positive impact on society. 

Stronger together

Sesam Open IT’s main goal is to cultivate and stimulate an intrest in STEM courses. Therefore, we want to provide a space where youngsters can continue developing this passion. 


During the program we work towards a finished product together with the children (game, robot, 3D-drawing, …) We do this in groups of 10 to 15 children., the focus here lies on a welcoming atmosphere and self-development

Sesam Open IT differentiates itself from other initiatives by having custom learning objectives and translating these into creative and challenging sessions. These objectives are brought to the participants in a playful way that doens’t feel like ‘studying’.

During fixed revisit-days Sesam Open IT will stimulate children that have gotten a taste for IT and  programming. 



We work with open experiment-spaces. These spaces have an open lay-out and don’t remind the participants of a classroom any way. 

Tech-companies often have these kind of spaces readily available. On top of that, these locations can give participants a glimpse into their possible future job. 



The modules take place from the 1st of September until the 1st of December and from the 7th of January until the 14th of May. 

One module consists of 6 consecutive sessions that take place at the same location. These sessions will be held during Saturday and Sunday mornings. 


In Flanders about 150.000 children grow up in poverty. Their parents have an income below the at-risk-of-poverty threshold. As a result these children do not have unimpeded access to the labour market. Various OESO studies have shown that children who grow up in poverty achieve lower grades in school and often end up searching for a job without diploma. 

Sesam Open IT wants to make a difference for these children. In addition to providing a safe environment, where they can experiment with new technologies to their heart’s content, we also want to give them skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. With 100 initiatives it is possible to reach about 1% of these children. 

Pilot project with Klarrio & Sentiance

The first pilot project starts in September 2019 at Klarrio. At Klarrio, Sesam Open IT will host 12 sessions. Additionally Klarrio provides financial aid for the purchase of snacks and the recruiting of students that will teach the courses. 

At Sentiance, Sesam Open IT will host 4 sessions, also with snacks. 

Want to participate?

For start-ups and businesses we offer the possibility to make a difference on a social level without having the end-to-end responsibility fot the hosted sessions. 

By working together we can have a lasting impact. Hujo will be responsible for registrations, insurances, the training of the instructors, and will provide a clear curriculum. Hujo knows how to handle the things on an organisational, content and inclusive level. 

Send a mail to if you want more information. 

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